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If you are interested in construction, construction, and design or want to learn more about related fields such as planning and budgeting, construction management is a great career choice. From residential to commercial construction, construction supervisors oversee various aspects. Managers manage challenges and emergencies, hire contractors, obtain work permits, handle challenges and crises, and update clients on project progress. According to the latest salary data from Workers Direct, the various construction management roles are listed in this article in ascending order.

Why Choose Construction Management as a Profession ?

The field of construction management offers you the opportunity to work in all phases of the construction process, from concept to design. In addition to meeting deadlines and controlling budgets, construction managers oversee large and small projects. Construction management jobs can be found in many settings or more specific roles. Construction management jobs help build homes, grow businesses, and grow communities.

Top Construction Management Jobs Based on Workers Direct salary data, the following 16 positions offer a wide range of construction management positions :

  1. Average National Ironworker Wage: £21.08 per hour.

 Primary Duties: Ironworkers primarily install and shape structural and reinforcing iron or steel to support roads, bridges, and buildings. The metal is cut and shaped by ironworkers according to plan specifications. They are expected to operate machinery to install and form metal for support beams, walls, and other structures. Ironworkers coordinate and communicate with the construction team to meet deadlines and ensure a safe work environment.


  1. Construction Foreman: £23 per hour.

Primary Responsibilities: A Construction Foreman generally supervises the work crew, who can also take disciplinary action if necessary. They evaluate the efforts of employees and their progress. Supervisors frequently communicate to ensure that teams have the tools or equipment to complete the project on time. Supervisors work with unions and resolve disputes between workers.

  1. National Average Journeyman Carpenter Wage: £24.17 per hour

 Primary Responsibilities: To understand any requirements or regulations, a Journeyman Carpenter is responsible for carefully reading work orders and project plans. They cut and shape building materials according to work orders or specifications.

  1. The national median salary for a civil engineer is: £49,151 per year.

 Primary Duties: Engineers working in construction ensure the safety of buildings. Engineers lead maintenance teams and assign tasks as needed. And time while investigating problems before they escalate. Civil engineers track contractors performing maintenance and repair work and provide reports on work status and completed projects.

  1. National average facility supervisor salary: £55,625.

 Primary Responsibilities: Installation, maintenance, and repair of building structures and components are the responsibility of those responsible for the installation. Facility managers install products to ensure compliance with regulations and codes. They evaluate new and ongoing projects against time, budget, and building standards based on their in-depth industry knowledge. Facility managers can provide staff support and supervision.

  1. Construction project manager, national median salary: £57,992 per year.

Primary Responsibilities: Manage schedules, apply for permits, and oversee construction manager contracts and agreements. Managers can monitor job sites and deal with any shifts or schedule changes. Administrators can initiate the bidding process by contacting suppliers and subcontractors. They can also track equipment and inventory to keep the project running smoothly.

  1. The national median salary for architects: is £62,543 per year.

Primary Responsibilities: Landscape and building plan architect designers create plans. Architectural designers meet with clients to discuss strategies and requirements. You can work in residential or commercial construction. Architects work to meet the client’s budget and are involved in the costing process. To ensure standards are met, they adhere to building codes and communicate with the construction team. Architects are highly imaginative and work closely with clients to achieve the desired result.

  1. Construction expert

National median salary: £63,350 per year

Main tasks: Building experts recognize structural damage and make renovation recommendations. Surveyors advise clients on planning and boundary issues, ensuring the project meets regulations, and fire, health, and safety standards. They keep detailed records to determine land and water boundaries. Surveyors may specialize in specific areas, such as historic structures or monuments.

  1. Installation Manager National median salary: £64,493 per year

Key Responsibilities: Facility Managers perform regular building inspections and hire third-party contractors to clean or repair. They are responsible for ensuring that buildings meet health and safety requirements and comply with Code regulations. Facilities managers keep records of payments and contracts and execute maintenance schedules.

  1. Cost Estimator National median salary: £72,574 per year

Main Tasks: Calculators calculate construction financing and create cost estimates, considering the material, logistics, and labor costs. They analyze data and read technical documents and plans to determine the cost of a project. Cost calculators monitor the project and, if necessary, make cost adjustments based on delays, price changes, or customer requirements.

  1. Site Superintendent, National Average Salary:

Primary Responsibilities: Site superintendents may specialize in public works, office buildings, or residential buildings. They usually hire new employees and supervise them to ensure they know the safety rules and regulations. Work schedules are created, and supervisors approve vacation requests.

  1. Shipbuilding managers pay, on average: £81,337 per year.

Key Responsibilities: Shipbuilding managers have extensive expertise in building docks and installing boat lifts. They check the equipment for problems, repair it or find rental equipment that works. Managers oversee dock builders ensuring they follow protocols, meet deadlines, and have the necessary equipment. Maritime managers send daily or weekly production reports detailing materials, costs, and labor.

  1. Product Planner Average National Salary: £84,515 per year

 Primary Responsibilities: Product Planners manage the calendar by scheduling meetings, conferences, and appointments. Planning managers work with many construction team members to coordinate deliveries, schedule meetings with clients, and perform project inspections. They also have excellent communication skills.

  1. Construction Project Manager, average £84,972 per year.

Primary Responsibility: Project managers oversee construction projects from start to finish. They track project milestones and deadlines and obtain licenses or permits. You are responsible for following the construction plan, ensuring the proper budget, and directing resources as needed.

  1. The National Median Salary for Civil Engineers is: £87,537 per year.

 Primary Responsibilities: Civil engineers most often oversee public works projects such as buildings, parks, airports, highways, bridges, and dams. They may work in the private sector or for the government competing for government contracts. Civil engineers may calculate cost estimates and propose solutions to meet project estimates.

  1. The Environmental Sustainability Manager pays an average of £91,955 annually.

Key Responsibilities: Sustainable building practices are the responsibility of sustainability managers. They find ways to cut costs while maintaining sustainability. They work with clients, contractors, and project managers to protect the environment and are good communicators. Throughout the project, these managers review third-party vendors and business strategies to ensure everyone follows sustainable practices.

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